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The Drummers Enchiridion is a 321 page spiral bound text book dedicated to the subject of orchestral and rudimental snare drumming.

Whether you play snare drum in a concert band, orchestra, marching band, or play play drum set in a rock band, The Drummers Enchiridion covers everything you'll need in order to master this essential skill. From reading and playing simple rhythms and note groupings to more challenging exercises and solos focusing on accents, flams, drags, ruffs, sticking patterns and odd and compound time signatures The Drummers Enchiridion covers it.


The Drummers Enchiridion also contains background information on roll and the various ways they can be notated and played, drumstick technique and grip, common methods of rhythm education, world music rhythms, and general practice advice. An appendix of well known songs in a variety of musical styles that utilise rudimental snare drumming is also included to assist with further research and practice.